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Usually an editor or an edit assistant will handle this part of the process.  Depending on what software was used to cut the project, this will dictate how it is prepared.  For step-by-step instructions, download our How to Prepare Your Media For a Peachy Grade.pdf

You can send Peachy a link to your media via a transfer service such as WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or Hightail.  If it is easier for you, feel free to upload directly to our Digital Pigeon account. Make sure you talk to us before hand to confirm you are uploading only what is required.

We love to use Frame.io which is a cloud-based collaboration platform.  This is a very simple tool that is used globally by remote video production teams.  It has excellent security infrastructure and support.  You do not need to download anything, we just send a review link straight to your inbox.  We can of course accommodate alternative feedback methods if you prefer.

OOooo the million dollar question!  This question has traditionally deterred colour grades being completed outside of a post production facility.  These days, when our primary viewing platform for advertising and branded content is phones, laptops and devices… reviewing in a large, dark theatrette can be unnecessary and also – out of budget.

Most filmmakers have a current laptop and we believe that your content needs to look amazing on it, as well as on your phone, on your mac, on your pc and any other modern day device you can check it on.

Peachy also has a couple of other measures in place to ensure your content is being checked as accurately as possible – we can talk you through this during the session.

This option is open to our Deluxe customers only and is dependent on colourist/client availability and schedules.

Peachy can receive whatever you send however we often advise that you split any large media packages up into 100GB or less.  Let us know if you would like to talk through this.

This depends on your internet connection and how much media is being sent.  We always schedule to receive the media well in advance of the grade session.

We don’t find this necessary, however if it makes you feel better than that is totally fine!

No. We are a remote colour grading studio and that is how we are able to offer benefits such as cost savings and extra flexibility.  We have an excellent creative brief and review process and are absolutely confident that filmmakers will achieve the same results as in-person sessions.

Depending on the package you choose, your work will be colour corrected by a colourist or colour graded by a senior colourist (with 7+ years experience).  In the Superior and Deluxe packages your project may be set up and given a foundational “base grade” by a colourist, before a senior colourist goes to work their magic on it.

We love to promote our work on social media, and will only do this after a project has gone live.  If you would like us to promote some imagery to generate interest before a campaign has gone live please speak to our studio manager.

Colour correction means making each image well-balanced and the project cohesive.  This means that whites will look white, blacks will look black and all the colours in between will look accurate.  There will be a good level of colour (ie. nice saturation) and no colour casts (ie. overall image looking too green or blue etc).  This is the first step in the colour grading process.

Colour grading goes beyond colour correction because it adds a level of artistry to the content.  Colour grading can evoke a feeling and a mood, and can be carried out creatively to add greater meaning to the work.

A style frame is a graded still image from your footage.  It is used in the initial stages of the Peachy Process™ to show an example of the direction (or possible directions) for the grade. Often taken from key scenes or shots. When approved this look and feel can be applied across the entire scene or edit.

When your job is confirmed, Peachy will provide you with a Creative Brief Document which you can choose to use if you like. It asks some questions which helps get to the nitty gritty of what you want your project to feel like or not feel like.

Visual references are always appreciated – are there any images or mood boards you can supply which can help our colourist understand what it is that you were going for?

If you would like further details we recommend this 11min podcast episode: The Art of Colour Grading – Creative Briefs

No problem! Get in touch with our studio manager to discuss a bespoke package.

We are open to discussions about discount rates for charities and not-for-profits, however we only have a certain amount of hours put aside per year for projects like this. Get in touch with our studio manager to see if we can work something out.

Our studio manager will email you an invoice when the job has commenced.  We  require electronic payment prior to releasing the high-resolution graded master files.  If this is not feasible please chat with us and we will try and accommodate an alternative arrangement.

There is no fee to cancel or move a booking until 48hrs before the job is scheduled.  Our studio manager will confirm the booking with you at least 48hrs before the commencement of the job to give you the opportunity to confirm, release or flag that the schedule looks uncertain.

Our trading terms are:

  • Cancellation of a confirmed booking within 48hrs will incur a 50% cancellation fee for the session.
  • Changes to schedule within 24hrs of a confirmed booking will incur a 50% cancellation fee for the session.