Email to tell us about your project, proposed grade dates and budget.

Dependant on the final viewing platform, turnaround time and budget.

Together with our colourist, find the optimum look & feel for your project. In-depth creative brief session, look development, review and feedback.

Magic happens! We grade your project and upload it for review and feedback. Colour tweaks and upload for approval. Export of final grade and/or project.


Our dedicated studio producer will be your first and ongoing point of contact throughout the entire job. This ensures your experience is seamless and stress-free.

For efficiency and transparency, we have outlined our prices below. If you need a bespoke quote, that’s easy peachy just let us know.


Colour grading for a 30sec TVC


Colour grading for TVCs, advertising & branded content


High-end, professional colour grading for documentary, drama, TV series and feature films.


Our workflow is simple. Usually, you send ungraded media and a Da Vinci Resolve project. We work our magic. We send back graded media and/or the graded project.

Unsure how to prepare your media for a grade? No worries. We can help.

Our studio producer will confirm exactly what we need.

You will have confirmation what is happening every step of the way.

Schedule change? Things now un-confirmed? No worries. We are flexible so can easily accommodate you.


The creativity and magic starts here.

Unsure how to explain what you want your work to look like? Most projects can be categorised into six "look and feels”. Have a browse below as a starting point to see what resonates with your work.

During the creative brief session, our colourist will ask key questions to help uncover the optimum look for your project (even if that’s currently an unknown!) We share style frames and WIPs (works-in-progress) to make sure you love the direction.


This feels authentic. No elements or colours stand out too much. Flows easily from start to finish. The imagery does not draw attention to itself. Most natural feels are also warm.


See more ‘Natural’ Feels

Summer, spring and sunset. Sun flares, brightness and uplifting feels. There might be warm colours like yellows, oranges and reds. It can be intense like midday in the desert or softer like a toddler devouring a melted ice cream. Most warm feels are also natural.


See more ‘Warm’ Feels

This imagery looks like it could be straight out of a film. It may be slightly de-saturated (less vivid in colour) than the Natural, Warm and Bold feels. It is not light and bright – think epic, dramatic or mysterious. Cinematic feels considered (not spontaneous), like cinema (not TV) and expensive (not shot on a mobile).


See more ‘Cinematic’ Feels

Strong colours – vibrant reds, electric blues, all the wild purples, sparkling golds. Strong blacks (not dusty greys), strong whites (not feathers and eggshells). Confident, head-turning, energetic, tough, memorable.


See more ‘Bold’ Feels

Bright, airy and dreamy. Soft like tall grass blowing in the breeze. Gentle colours like neutrals, pastels and warm whites. Light can feel like freshness, cleanliness, pureness and freedom.


See more ‘Light’ Feels

Feels emotional, poignant and sensitive. Often beautiful but tinged with sadness. Colours are less vivid. Most moody feels are also cinematic. On the darker side of natural, there will be shadows and no bright whites.


See more ‘Moody’ Feels


We aim for stunning grades, every time.

With creativity, expertise and intuition, our colourist will colour grade your project and upload it for review. After detailed feedback, colour tweaks happen and further collaboration until final approval. We give you the final grade and/or project.