Well, hello. Welcome to Peachy!
We're Australia's premier colour grading studio, providing stunning colour grades for advertising and TV.

Peachy Keen Colour was founded with a simple goal - to create epic colour grades using a process which is transparent, flexible and delightful. If you want a straight-forward workflow, project rates upfront and fast turnaround by world-class colourists, then you're in the right place!

Since launching in 2019, we've grown into a much loved alternative to the traditional post production model. Led by senior colourist Angela Cerasi, the Peachy Team works 100% remotely which means we can immediately download your content, work our magic and send it back.

No matter where you are located - Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Auckland - every content creator has access to exceptional colour grading and a delightful, dedicated colour team.


Grade when you want, review when you want.

Split up your session to give you more head space, stop if you need to walk dog/collect kids/make dinner.

We love our work and we work hard, but we value it even more when life is the priority.


Stunning colour grades. Transforming content to blow you away, and your clients too.

We are process-driven by highly experienced, warm, creative humans who specialise in exceptional communication. This means it's stress-free for you.


Know exactly what to expect from start to finish. No mysterious costs or overages.

Eliminating unnecessary parts of the process to save you time and money.


Angela Cerasi

Senior Colourist

Angela is a firm believer that the harder you work, the "luckier" you get. Whether colour grading a commercial, podcasting or evolving her business, Angela fully commits to the task at hand with positivity, creativity and gusto. She looks forward to working with clients and colleagues who strive to be bold, and aren’t afraid to do things a little differently.

Founder of Peachy Keen Colour
15+ years Colour Grading experience
Favourite Things:
Collage art, pizza, glitter, vintage shopping, camping and films that make her cry!

Jenna Burlace

Studio Producer

Heading off to uni to study law, Jenna quickly realised the film and media course coupled with English literature was far more interesting! Now, after working in post and VFX in Wellington and Sydney for over a decade, Jenna is delighted to join the Peachy Team based from Gisborne, NZ.

Studio Producer at Peachy Keen Colour
15+years Post Production experience

Useless Skills:
Expert at the popular-in-the-ninties computer game Minesweeper, great whistler.
Useful Skills:
Organised, efficient problem-solver, scheduling guru.

Tom Meares

Senior Colourist

Tom has collaborated with some of Australia & New Zealand's leading directors and DOP’s, for brands like Audi, Hyundai, McDonald’s, Sephora and Virgin. Starting his career in post-production houses in the days of traditional film grading, Tom has worked on everything from music videos, documentaries, feature films and high-end TVC commercials.

15+ years Colour Grading Experience

Interesting tidbits:
Enjoys flying single & twin engine planes while working toward his commercial pilot license.
Occasionally adds extra excitement by performing daring aerobatic tricks!
Also enjoys twilight sailing with a small Auckland sailing crew.

Alex Aitken


Alex began his career as an editor, before moving into the magical world of colour. To date he has graded over 400 episodes of TV, specialising in the lifestyle, cooking and travel genres. Alex is also a commercial photographer and talented musician!

4+ years colour grading experience.

Snowboarding location: Colorado
Football team: Liverpool FC
Camping spot: Wollemi National Park