Give your Colourist the Best Creative Brief

Get the most out of your colour grading session.

11 April 2023

How do you give your colourist a great creative brief?

If you think about these things before your colour grade and share them during a creative brief session, you will definitely be in a better position to achieve an optimum result for your commercial, documentary or film.

Any person who needs to approve the grade should agree with the creative vision so that everyone is on the same page.

The information you share in the creative brief session will inform the colourist’s creative interpretation and choices in the colour grade, so download the creative brief checklist to check you haven’t missed anything!


Points to Consider When Putting Your Creative Brief Together:

Your colourist should be briefed on the deeper meaning of the commercial: what is the overall feeling you want the spot to convey?  Some examples might be fun, freedom, simplicity, calmness, cleanliness, love, hope, regret or shock.  This informs your colourist when they’re creating the look for the pictures.

Are there any colours that you need to stay clear of?  An example of this might be an ad for a bank, where the brand colours are yellow and black.  In the ad, the customer comes in wearing a blue shirt.  On set on the day the blue looked fine, but there was no time for wardrobe tests, so once they got to the edit they realised that the blue came out in the rushes looking like the brand colour of it’s competitor bank.  In the grade, we are probably going to need to change that shade of blue in the grade, maybe to a paler blue or even with a hint of green.


Is there anything else you like to share in your creative brief session? We’d love to know so tell us via email: 🙂


Image from the Netflix documentary, Stutz for an article on "How to Give the Best Creative Brief to a Colourist"

Image from the Netflix documentary, Stutz. A Peachy Team favourite!