Screen Forever, AIDC + Screen Vixens

Peachy's takeaways from the 2024 conferences

2nd April 2024


AIDC, Melbourne 2024

Our Founder and Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi was thrilled to be able to attend the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) last month in Melbourne.  She found it was a beautiful reminder of the passionate, tenacious and interesting filmmakers who make up the documentary sector in this country.  From Angela:

There was a strong theme about authenticity in storytelling, and truth being the element of shared humanity that will make your story universal.

Pushing form in non-fiction and thinking of new ways to tell important stories was another big takeaway. There is a perceived need that non-fiction needs to be explained, but what if we resisted the usual troupes such as narration and reenactment? 

Just like trying to get your toddler to eat vegetables, you can’t continue to feed the world the same way. I loved this analogy that you need new techniques to stimulate and engage. The same stuff served up the same way is not going to cut it.

The trends within the art of documentary have seen less field shooting and the use of more archive and editorial creativity. The theme of grief is very prevalent at the moment. But we don’t always need to unpack the dark to get to the light. Humour as always, can help us connect and keep us engaged, especially at a time when the doom and gloom in our world is rife.

Producers of “Alone: Australia“, “You Can’t Ask That” and “Muster Dogs” shared their thoughts on the essential elements which make a series have returnability. These included simplicity in concept, a timely relevance and standing for something. They must reach a large demographic and have a clear structure. People find comfort in structure and knowing what to expect.

There are exciting times ahead for documentary. Real stories and real people – the antithesis of Artificial Intelligence – we love to see it!



Hector Crawford Memorial Lecture: Magda Szubanski, Screen Forever 2024


Screen Forever, Gold Coast 2024

After AIDC came Screen Forever, another fantastic event with lots of amazing networking opportunities.   Every year, the team outdoes themselves—kudos to everyone who made it happen!  Here’s Peachy’s wrap-up of all the key takeaways and food for thought from this year’s sessions and chatter from around the conference. 


Reaching an International Audience

It’s a conversation our screen industry can’t get enough of. We want to compete with other countries like America and the UK with their capacity to deliver stories which resonate internationally. But is this a problem we actually have? Yes and no.

You can’t deny our stories are cutting through. Just look at shows like Bluey, Mystery Road, Wentworth, Heartbreak High, Home and Away and Neighbours.

But there’s the opinion we’re risk averse and we have a development issue. With the demand to produce content, we underbake our projects. With limited funding, we stick to what we know.

While there are many factors and nuances to this conversation, there are a few common thoughts: commissioners need to take more risks, we need to be more entrepreneurial with our financing, we need more data on what Australian audiences want to see, and we need to invest more in development if we are to create great stories with impact internationally. What do you think?


The beast you can’t ignore, even if you really want to. Opinions about AI vary widely – some foresee it as a threat to our industry.  Others hail it as an incredible tool for filmmakers. It can serve as your personal assistant, optimising workflows and generating storyboards.

But as demonstrated during sessions at Screen Forever, AI goes way beyond this. We are heading (fast) towards the day when a completely AI generated film will hit our streaming platforms. AI generated scripts, actors, dialogue, sets, music, VFX… the list goes on.

We hold on to the fact that it will never be able to replicate the human touch. Or will it?

Generative AI is not going anywhere, and opens up a wild world of creative possibility. Balancing the use of AI with the preservation of human creativity and intellectual property rights remains paramount.

What we can’t overlook is its potential to democratise this industry. Filmmaking remains a privilege beyond reach for many, especially newcomers. However, AI has the power to level the playing field, making filmmaking more accessible to all. Perhaps AI will hold the biggest key to inclusion and diversity in storytelling yet?

If you’re on the fence about AI we recommend taking a look at Arts Law Australia’s info sheet on Artificial Intelligence and Copyright.


Screen Vixens, Screen Forever

Screen Vixens Annual Dinner

Forty Australian female producers and friends gathered together on the Gold Coast recently at the annual Screen Vixens dinner.  Angela Cerasi was delighted to make it to the event this year.

Established in 2015, Screen Vixens is a nationwide collective comprising female-identifying, non-binary, and intersex producers who operate across diverse mediums within the Australian screen sector. Stemming from the esteemed global network Film Fatales, the Vixens serve as a sisterhood dedicated to amplifying the voices of under-represented creatives.

With chapters spanning every state and territory, Screen Vixens facilitate robust professional alliances, offer mutual mentorship, and host regular networking events. They foster a supportive community essential for nurturing and sustaining flourishing careers in the dynamic realm of screen production.

The group celebrated its biggest turnout yet with dinner at the Hideaway Kitchen & Bar, bonding over the incredible female creatives in our industry and discussing our goals moving forward this year and beyond.

A wonderful event with a powerhouse of women!  If you would like to join the Screen Vixens community, you can sign up for a membership here.



To see some of the recent documentary work graded by Peachy, check out the stills and trailer for wildlife documentary “Living With Devils”, here and “The Jewish Nazi” here.

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