Job Sharing in the Screen Industry

Championing worklife balance and flexibility

3 May 2024



At Peachy, life commitments come first and we advocate for flexible work arrangements and a healthy work/life balance. Our studio producer started as a job-share role, and currently all staff work part-time or casually. We created back up plans and contingencies so everyone can take time off. We work hard, play hard, rest hard!

Job sharing in the screen industry is still lagging behind other industries. But we all know it gives crew the flexibility to work while managing other important commitments, such as caring responsibilities or personal health issues.

Screen Well’s recent report “Breaking Down Barriers to Job Sharing”, paired with CrewHQ’s job sharing masterclass, explores the innovative approach, addressing barriers like industry bias and communication challenges.

Strategies to combat these challenges include finding the right partner, creating a shared plan, and performing effectively at work to challenge stigma. Screen Well’s collaboration with Matchbox Pictures in Australia sparked significant interest, with over 200 applications for the production job-sharing pilot scheme.

Despite high demand only one role was filled, revealing enthusiasm for innovative work arrangements but also highlighting a cultural barrier. Key findings from the report include the crew demand, the need for robust communication, and the value job sharing brings to productions such as access to preferred practitioners.

Mums in Ads is a network dedicated to addressing the underrepresentation of mothers in the advertising industry, particularly in creative departments. We’re thrilled to see more industry-wide discussion in creating an environment with equal opportunity for everyone no matter their personal circumstances.

We encourage you to access Screen Well’s report and CrewHQ’s masterclass for comprehensive insights into job sharing.


Peachy Founder and Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi

Peachy founder Angela Cerasi passionately believes in flexibility and the importance of worklife balance for mental health.  In June this year she’s taking some time out to become a Mental Health First Aider.  She has lived experience and is super keen to learn more, including how to be helpful to her filmmaking community.  This industry can be a tough gig.

Angela said of the issue:

“Don’t you think our industry is a special beast sometimes? The way we have to work for free when we’re starting out, how we’re expected to keep on working past usual hours until the job is done, the way job sharing was basically non-existent until recently.

It may seem like a glamorous industry but we all know it is HARD work and filled with passionate people who love what they do. You try and make it work, or you change career. Many have done just that, probably the most common time is when becoming parents. Hopefully the growing conversation around job-sharing can normalise the arrangement so we can retain more talented individuals who love their work but refuse to commit to the workload expectation”.

Angela Cerasi is now writing a regular column for the Australian Cinematographers Society AC magazine.   You can subscribe to AC Mag here – or check out Angela’s column on The Art of Colour Grading: Brightness, featured in the 100th edition of the magazine, here.