The Crown and Us

The story of the Royals in Australia: 2 x 60 minute documentary special


Series Director/ Producer: Bernice Toni
Line Producer: Mel Rogan
Production Co: Fredbird
DOP: Aaron Smith
EP: Craig Graham

The Crown And Us is a two-part television event, charting the history of Australia’s complex relationship with the Crown – the British Royals are part of who Australians were and are. And despite the secrets, scandals and questions of relevance, our affection for them remains as strong as ever. Australia’s loyalty to the Crown has survived assassination attempts, the push-pull of republicanism and a succession of salacious royal scandals and tragedies. The Crown And Us unfolds through a half a century of Australian royal archive footage, never-before-filmed letters written by the Royals and revelatory interviews with historians, royal insiders and notable Australians. The Crown And Us will serve as a seminal documentary on the nation-shaping role of the Monarchy in Australia. It will also help us answer an enduring question: do we really need a British monarch as our future head of state?

Graded by Angela Cerasi of Peachy Keen Colour.