The Pet Killer

10x 10 min comedy webseries


Production: Blackpills
Creator: Amichai Greenberg
Director: Tibo Pinsard
EPs: Antoine Disle, Enzo Tedeschi
Producers: Tom Pope, Rachele Wiggins, Luke Graham
DOP: Shing-Fung Cheung
DOP (2nd Unit): Peter Szilveszter

This dark comedy webseries, about a man who inadvertently becomes a hitman of pesky pets, was colour graded by Angela Cerasi.  The show was created by production company Blackpills from creator Amichai Greenberg and director Tibo Pinsard.  The show was executive produced by frequent Peachy collaborator Enzo Tedeschi, along with Antoine Disle.  It was produced by the team of Tom Pope, Rachele Wiggins and Luke Graham.

The Pet Killer features Brooks, an insecure but loving, hard working and responsible brother to his little sister Laura.  Brooks is also a renowned hitman for people’s furry friends, AKA The Pet Killer – despite gaining this admittedly macabre reputation through no fault of his own.  But when you’re only 20 and have lost both parents at a young age, what wouldn’t you do to try to keep your sister away from the clutches of a scheming, manipulative stepmother?

The show stared Charles Cottier, known for his work on Home & Away as Brooks and Bianca Bradey (best known for her breakout role as Brooke in the Australian cult-classic movie Wyrmwood : Road of the Dead, as Alma, his manipulative stepmother.  Brook’s daughter was played by Molly Barwick, known for playing Matilda in the Sydney stage show of the same name.

The webseries won the best series and best scenario award from Bilbao Seriesland International Digital Festival and the Best Writing (comedy) award from Rio Web Fest 2020.

Peachy loved grading the bright, warm images, along with some darker, moody shots, captured by the excellent DOP Shing-Fung Cheung.

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