Adventure Gold Diggers

13x 45 min observational documentary TV series


Produced by Fredbird Entertainment
Executive Producer: Craig Graham
Head of Factual, Director & Series Producer: Brad Cone
Head of Development & 2nd Unit Director: Brad Gustafson
Series Post Producer: Sandra Welkerling
Head of Production & Line Producer: Mel Rogan
Director of Photography: Mark Hooper, Ben King, Dave Rose, James Rose
Colour grade: Peachy Keen Colour
Colourists: Angela Cerasi, Tom Meares, Alex Aitken
Supervising Colourist: Angela Cerasi

The Peachy Keen Colour team colour graded this observational documentary TV series “Adventure Gold Diggers” for Fredbird Entertainment.

This show follows a cast of five adventurous, thrill-seeking prospecting and mining teams. Venture alongside them as they brave the unforgiving landscapes of Australia’s remote and untamed regions in pursuit of the ultimate treasure: gold. Daring dives into icy Tasmanian rapids, audacious descents down abandoned mineshafts in Victoria, and skilfully manoeuvring heavy machinery in the scorching heart of North Queensland, there are no limits to how far these Adventure Gold Diggers will go to strike it rich.

Adventure Gold Diggers was broadcast in Australia on 7mate, on TVNZ in New Zealand, and in multiple countries around the world including the UK, Germany and other Northern European countries.

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