Saksham Magic: Unknown Filter

5x 5 min thriller series


Creator/ writer/ producer: Saksham Sharma
Director/ writer & editor: Enzo Tedeschi
Line Producer: Kirsty McKenzie
Production Co: Saksham Studios
EP: Taruna Sharma
DOP: Shing-Fung Cheung

This 2002 5x 5 minute YouTube thriller series was created by Saksham Sharma, AKA Saksham Magic, with director Enzo Tedeschi.  The series was colour graded remotely by Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour.  The project was supported by Screen Australia and YouTube Google.

The story is centred on Saksham, a university student who goes viral on his YouTube live stream, when the app detects an unknown face in the darkness and viewers discover that it is not a glitch but a spirit following and guiding Saksham.

Saksham Sharma is an Australian/ Indian actor who has acted in two feature films. The multi-hyphenate artist has garnered over 5.6 Million YouTube subscribers featuring his dynamic style of magic and hip-hop dance videos. This moment garnered him a spot on New York Time Square Billboard and Mural’s across Australia. During his early years, he began acting on the hit Australian TV-Show “Home & Away” and was a featured act on “Australia’s Got talent” 2019 as a magician. The Sydney based actor-producer-magician aims to produce stories that inspire marginalized communities to follow their pursuit of passion and is a role model for the youth to achieve their full potential.

As well as Saksham Sharma the series features Daniele Clements, Chiara Gizzi and Barbara Bingham (a longtime collaborator for director Enzo Tedeschi, including their short film Over the Edge, which Peachy was also lucky to colour grade!)

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