Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under

8x 42 min observational documentary Series


Production Co: Fredbird Entertainment for Warner Bros Discovery & Screen NSW
Executive Producer: Craig Graham
Head of Factual Entertainment/ Series Producer: Brad Cone
DOPS: Ash Dunn, Jim Frater, Nick Glover, Andrew Hyde, Thomas Lawrence, Mike Polson, Dean Whiston, Wayne Young
Graded for Peachy Keen Colour by Angela Cerasi with Carol Thompson and Emily Reid

The Peachy Keen Colour team remotely colour graded this series where heavy tow truckers winch and tow their way through epic high-risk recovery missions for production company Fredbird.  Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi took the original brief from series producer Brad Cone and Executive Producer Craig Graham.  She graded selected episodes and supervised the junior Peachy colourist’s work – doing a final pass before each episode was sent to client, to make sure each episode was consistent.  Peachy graded both season 1 and 2 of the show.

Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under examines all the dramas and disaster scenarios within the five teams of truckers, who combine salvage skill-sets with super-sized problem-solving abilities. In heavy-duty towing, every mission is time-critical, bringing high-stakes, do-or-die finances and constant dangers to man and machine.

Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi’s colour grade for the intro sequence and lead into commercials was strong, bold and punchy: exciting and dramatic.

The grade for the rest of the show was contrasty, warm and slightly desaturated, providing a cohesive and unique look for the series.  The warmth of the shots imbued a metaphorical sense of hope – the sunshine following a destructive storm. Sections featuring the different crews of tow truckers were graded with thematic “team colours” to differentiate them.

This show was also released under the name Extreme Tow Truckers in some regions.  To see another observational documentary series the Peachy team remotely colour graded for Fredbird, check out the trailer for Mt Hutt Rescue here.