Mt Hutt Rescue



Prod Co: Fredbird Entertainment & Swashbuckler Productions
Executive Producer: Craig Graham
Head of Factual Entertainment & Series Producer: Brad Cone
Head of Development & Series Post Producer: Brad Gustafson
Head of Production & Line Producer: Mel Rogan
Director of Photography: Ash Dunn

The Peachy Keen Colour Team remotely graded this observational documentary series about New Zealand ski field Mt Hutt, where the stakes are as high as the altitude for the ski patrollers, medical teams and road response crew who brave high-pressure rescues amongst this picturesque holiday destination.  While primarily based around people in need of help, Mt Hutt Rescue also features dogs being trained to find people who may be buried by avalanches.  In addition, the series shines a light on people whose livelihoods revolve around ski slopes.

The Peachy Team loved creating the natural and bold look for the production team at Fredbird Entertainment, showcasing epic landscapes, crisp white snow and striking red ski patroller jackets. We matched the various cameras, times of day and many weather changes and in doing so enhanced the story and increased the drama.  Mt Hutt Rescue was expertly directed by Brad Cone and Head of Development/ Series Producer Brad Gustafson.  The series was overseen by Fredbird Executive Producer Craig Graham and Head of Production & Line Producer Mel Rogan.

Mt Hutt Rescue was remotely graded by Peachy colourist Alex Aitken in Sydney and supervised by Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi in Brisbane, while studio producer Jenna Burlace in New Zealand took care of the scheduling and admin.  A team effort!

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