Big Weather (and How to Survive It)

Documentary Series


Series Director: Daniel Marsden
Series Producer: Mick Angus
Production Co: DMA Creative & Northern Pictures
DOP: Mark Broadbent ACS, Peter Coleman ACS, Phil Dow
Post Production: The Post Lounge
EPs: Mick Angus, Karina Holden, Chris Thorburn

Angela Cerasi colour graded this gripping documentary series Big Weather (and how to survive it) at The Post Lounge, who completed all post production.  The series was directed by Daniel Marsden and produced by Mick Angus under their production company DMA Creative, in association with Northern Pictures.  The stunning and impactful images were captured by DOPs Mark Broadbent ACS, Peter Coleman ASC and Phil Dow.

With unique access to Australia’s emergency services, first responders and local communities, Big Weather (and how to survive it) is an emotionally gripping series filmed over one intense summer, presented by ABC’s Craig Reucassel.

In episode 1, Craig Reucassel joins fire chiefs and emergency commissioners as they plan for an ominous summer ahead.  The series showcases unique access to Australia’s emergency services, first responders and local communities

In episode 2,  Craig learns what’s required to become a volunteer firefighter as he undertakes training before heading to the fire front and we hear about Australians experiencing the largest peacetime evacuation in its history.

In episode  3, after three years of brutal drought and the hottest summer on record, Craig finds himself facing floodwaters as two months of rain falls in just two days in Sydney, the heaviest rainfall experienced in 20 years.

ABC also released a standalone guide to accompany the TV series with advice on what to do in a climate related emergency like a heatwave, bushfire or flood, to increase community preparedness.

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