Fish Forever

7x 30 min observational documentary series


Production: McGlashan Media for the Nine Network
Director: Al McGlashan
Producer: Al McGlashan, Audi Croft
Cinematography: Al McGlashan, Audi Croft, Cooper McGlashan & Nicholas Price
Edit: Jade Rice
Colour Grade: Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour
Online: Jason Ressel for Peachy Keen Colour
Audio: Jacob Staley

Al McGlashan‘s latest instalment Fish Forever showcases the plight our oceans and fisheries are facing. It isn’t all doom and gloom, instead it’s a story of hope and learning.  Fish Forever screened on channel Nine from March 2024 and you can now catch up on episodes currently on 9Now.

The episodic TV show was produced by Al McGlashan and Audi Croft.  They also star in the observational documentary, along with son Cooper McGlashan and their Aussie Silver Kelpie Mahi.

Angela Cerasi colour graded the Fish Forever series for Peachy Keen Colour, enhancing the majestic beauty of the ocean scenery and sea life captured by the McGlashan Media team.

Al McGlashan has long been a vocal advocate for conservation of the ocean environment and drawing attention to the issues our oceans and their inhabitants face.  Teaming up with scientists, Al donates his time and money to help researchers actually catch the fish. From satellite tagging mako sharks and bluefin tuna, to acoustic tagging kingfish and reporting on whale encounters, Al has done it all.

“We can only protect it if we appreciate and to appreciate we need to understand it, but for this to happen we need to share its beauty and the best way is through the lens. I don’t just want sustainability I want to enhance it so it’s even better for the next generation”.

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