Aussie Lobster Men Season 3

8x 60min Observational Documentary Series (3x Seasons)


Production Co: Fredbird Entertainment
EP: Craig Graham
Series Producer: Brad Cone
Series Director: Liam Taylor
Line Producers: Celia Boden, Mel Rogan
S4 Head of Development: Brad Gustafson
Colour Grade: Peachy Keen Colour team including Angela Cerasi, Kirsty Cooper, Piers McDonald - supervision by Angela Cerasi.

The Peachy Keen Colour Team colour graded this observational documentary series about six lobster boat captains in Tasmania, Australia.   Peachy worked closely with production company Fredbird.   Brisbane-based Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi took the original brief from season 1 series director Liam Taylor, series producer Brad Cone and Executive Producer Craig Graham in Sydney.   Angela graded selected episodes and supervised the junior Peachy colourist’s work – doing a final pass before each episode was sent to the client, to make sure each episode was consistent.  Peachy colour graded season 1, 2 and 3 and the final episodes of season 4.

Aussie Lobster Men follows the real life dramas of six lobster boat captains over the last ten weeks of the winter rock lobster hunting season as they risk it all in search of the world’s most prized seafood delicacy. For the lobstermen, it’s their last chance to put money in the bank until the fishing grounds re-open in spring.

The skippers reveal their secrets as they take us inside their world with large orders, boat engine fails, new technology, expensive machinery and epic sea disasters.

The colour grade brief was to highlight the orange lobsters when they were in close up and to make the waters look very blue.  The different cameras used needed to be graded to be consistent.  Skin tones needed to appear natural in different lighting conditions.  It was important to listen to the audio while grading – if the audio mentioned a big storm was coming in, for example, the colour grade needed to reflect that.

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