Brand Film: Craft



Director/ DOP: Ronald Koetzier
Production: Taxi Film
Producer: Mark Bishop
Agency: Publicis
Producers: Vicki Lee & Robyn Dodd
Post Production: Alt. VFX
Producer: Eloise Miscamble

Colour grading of this hypnotic, slow-motion Bulla Brand TVC, shot on Phantom by DOP and director Ronald Koetzier was completed by Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour.   Agency Publicis worked with Taxi Film to produce the campaign, with Alt VFX doing post-production.

When colour grading, getting depth and texture in the colour white can be challenging, so grading dairy products like yoghurt needs experience, expertise and high attention to detail.

Colourist Angela Cerasi explains her process:

“Director Ronald Koetzier and I worked remotely to give this campaign a light feel – making the dairy products feel creamy, fresh and pure. Enormous attention to detail goes into colour grading each shot. There might be 20 nodes (layers) of grading work in a single shot. The nodes do everything from brightening the top part of a creamy swirl, to dimming the under-side of a ripple, to making a spoon glisten. And these all might be animating as the product and shot moves! Getting depth and texture in the colour white while keeping the overall feel fresh and light can be challenging. There are lots of colour grading tricks involved in getting table-top imagery to look as stunning as possible.”

Angela remotely colour graded key rushes from the commercial shoot for this campaign.  The final TVCs were graded in Alt’s Brisbane studio suite.

Director & DOP Ronald Koetzier has a very distinctive style and is known as the world’s most experienced high-speed motion control director.  He often uses slow-motion table-top photography to great effect.  Ronald is one of the few willing to take on difficult projects using liquids, ice-cream and chocolate as he is confident in his ability to produce precise and exceptional imagery.   Another example, also colour graded by Peachy, in this Dominos Australia commercial.

This series of brand commercials is part of Bulla’s “Unfakeable” campaign.  Bulla is a family run business that has been making dairy products for over 110 years.  They have a focus on environmental impacts and contemporary dairy craftmanship as well as entrepreneurial spirit.  They take pride in their care, craftsmanship, passion, and pleasure for a job well done. They’re for natural and fresh, knowing where your food comes from and for creating real food that gives enjoyment and goodness to families everywhere – unfakeable.

Angela Cerasi also did the colour grading of the “Yoghurt” spot in the same Bulla brand TVC campaign – you can see that here.