Don’t buy until you Bazaar

Furniture Bazaar


Agency: Hypnosis Creative Agency
Executive Creative Director: Guy Patrick
Production: Rhythm Films
Director: Adam Rule
Executive Producer: Candice Shields
Production Assist: Adam Keogh
DOP: Mahmudal Raz
Editor: Cal McLean

Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi colour graded this natural to bold transition commercial for Furniture Bazaar.  Angela, based in Queensland, graded remotely under the guidance of director Adam Rule and executive producer Candice Shields, both based in Western Australia.

This campaign by Hypnosis Creative Agency, in partnership with Rhythm Films, contrasts “bizarre” furniture buying behaviour like waiting months for a couch to arrive or having to build it yourself, to the smart and savvy behaviour of buying at Furniture Bazaar. 

Hypnosis Creative agency wanted to showcase two very different furniture shopping behaviors in two worlds for their client, Furniture Bazaar, as part of their new brand launch.  Rhythm Films recreated a bedroom, lounge & outdoor dining space to exaggerate bizarre furniture buying behaviors and compare them to the smart and savvy behavior of buying at Furniture Bazaar. Bumping in beds & assembling them on set, printing money, faux cocktails & a tonne of plants were all part of bringing this idea to life. 

Furniture Bazaar is a Western Australian company with 6 stores in the region.  The Don’t buy, until you Bazaar positioning had already started to shift the needle in sales. But following Covid and with interest rates high, consumers had moved from splashy to savvy spending.  So the challenge for this campaign was to position the brand as the place to discover quality and value. To shift the perceptions of the brand from yet another furniture retailer to a mandatory destination for any savvy shopper before they make the decision to buy.

Guy Patrick, Executive Creative Director, Hypnosis, said of the campaign:

“This incredible West Australian owned brand doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk (then puts its feet up on a stylish well priced Freesia lounge) offering quick delivery, great quality and not an allen key in sight. We just needed to remind people of that.”

The campaign was shot and edited in Western Australia and graded with stunning bold feels in Queensland by Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour.

Angela Cerasi also colour graded this gorgeous Kailis Jewellery commercial commercial for the team at Rhythm Films.