Brand Film: Craft



Director/ DOP: Ronald Koetzier
Production: Taxi Film
Producer: Mark Bishop
Agency: Publicis
Producers: Vicki Lee & Robyn Dodd
Post Production: Alt. VFX
Producer: Eloise Miscamble

Angela Cerasi’s colour grade enhanced this fantastic Bulla commercial, shot and directed by Ronald Koetzier – to showcase the product as light, pure, creamy, divine and delicious.

Getting depth and texture in the colour white can be challenging, so grading dairy products like thickened cream needs experience, expertise and high attention to detail.

“Enormous attention to detail goes into colour grading each shot. There might be 20 nodes (layers) of grading work in a single shot. The nodes do everything from brightening the top part of a creamy swirl, to dimming the under-side of a ripple, to making a spoon glisten. And these all might be animating as the product and shot moves!

Getting depth and texture in the colour white (while keeping the overall feel fresh and light) can be challenging. There are lots of colour grading tricks involved in getting table-top imagery to look as stunning as possible.

Every little detail contributes to the light feel – making the dairy products feel creamy, fresh and pure.”