Way out Assistance



Directed by Stef Smith
Production: Bus Stop Films
Produced by Briana Miller, Stef Smith
Executive Producers – Eleanor Winkler, Genevieve Clay-Smith, Henry Smith, Gerard O’Dwyer, Ann O’Dwyer
DOP: Emma Paine
Colourist: Angela Cerasi

This 2018 fully inclusive short film from students at Bus Stop Films in Sydney was remotely colour graded by Angela Cerasi in Brisbane.   Way Out Assistance was written and directed by Stef Smith in collaboration with the Bus Stop Films students of 2018.

Bus Stop Films makes films with, for and about people from diverse backgrounds and abilities.  Students at Bus Stop Films film, star on screen and work behind the films on short films each year.  The programs are taught by passionate filmmakers and industry experts to give our students a holistic filmmaking learning experience and offer students increased social, literacy and work ready skills.  Students who participate in our programs benefit from exclusive workshops, excursions, workplace opportunities, mentoring with industry professionals and the opportunity to work collaboratively on a film project.

This short film Way Out Assistance explores themes of mental health and the intersection of technology.   In the sci-fi/ drama film, a woman in need of help uses a VR counselling program to form a new human connection and process old wounds to make it through one more day.  It imagines a near future when virtual reality technology has developed to the point that a crisis support worker can be ‘transported’ to the caller in need of assistance. The film features an actor with Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome).

We love the moody, sometimes somber and sometimes hopeful colour grade, including lots of rich purple, pink and blue tones.

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