Democracy, Darling!

25 minute documentary


Director & DOP: Caro Macdonald
Producer: Alexandra Edmondson
Production Co: Brindle Films Pty Ltd
Editor: Sam Frederick

Angela Cerasi did the colour grade of this documentary about Amye Un remotely from Brisbane, while the filmmaking team were based in Darwin.  Darwin based director Caro Macdonald was thrilled with the results of the colour grade, which made us very happy!  The 30 minute documentary had an international broadcast release on Al Jazeera.

This documentary follows Darwin’s ‘Laksa Queen’ Amye Un, who takes on the Northern Territory’s most powerful, when she decides to run as an independent in the 2020 elections.  Amye Un is a local personality with a cult following.  In a video that goes viral, she chastises the Darwin council for lack of greenery and embarrasses them into immediate action.  Buoyed by her popularity, Amye decides to run as an independent in the Territory 2020 elections. Not your typical aspiring politician – a self-made woman from a tough childhood in war torn Timor – Amye must learn how to navigate the cowboy world of NT politics.

Director Caro Macdonald has an interest in strong character based and environmental stories.  She makes story-based social impact films, TV commercials and social media films for environmental, arts and NGO organisations across Australia.  As well as a director, Caro works as a producer and a DOP – and she also has a degree and over 20 years experience working in Anthropology – a multi-hypenate indeed!

Caro Macdonald’s brief for the colour grade was for it to look warm, crisp and rich.  Some scenes involved smoothing out day to night or dusk to night transitions in the editing.  She wanted the grade to reflect the mood of the film, which was intriging, lightly humourous and hopeful – not too dark despite some of the darker moments of the story.

To see another documentary graded by Angela Cerasi, which happened to be co-produced by Caro Macdonald, see the trailer and stills for Mamirnikuwi, here.