Living With Devils

56 min feature documentary


Production: Smith&Nasht with Quoll Farm Pty Ltd for ABC
Producer: Simon Nasht
Director, DOP & Narrator: Simon Plowright
Production Managers: Annie Venables, Karen Plowright
Colour Grade: Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour

Angela Cerasi colour graded this documentary following filmmaker Simon Plowright as he spends a year living with Tasmanian Devils.  The documentary aired on ABC in December 2023 and can be viewed currently on ABC iView.  Simon Nasht from Simon&Nasht produced the documentary.

Set in the spectacular landscape of far north-west Tasmania, Simon Plowright will once again embed himself in the intimate daily life of a remarkable animal, the often-misunderstood Tasmanian Devil.   For a year he lived with devils, revealing the epic struggle this unique marsupial is facing against both a fatal disease and the impacts of human encroachment.

Picture this: a year of chaos, drama, and fluffy mayhem as Plowright dives headfirst into the lives of the Tasmanian Devils. These pint-sized rebels, face the ultimate existential crisis.  They battle both facial tumors and the relentless chaos of human encroachment.   Picture a wildlife soap opera in the wilds of far north-west Tasmania. It’s a wildlife soap opera that is set against the rugged backdrop of far north-west Tasmania, where these misunderstood marsupials navigate love triangles along with survival sagas, and the occasional identity crisis. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, laughs, and maybe a tear or two as you witness the Tasmanian Devils prove that life’s not just about survival—it’s about living on the wild side!

Peachy loved grading this documentary, including the stunning Tasmanian scenery and the fluffy and mischevious Tasmanian Devils.

The documentary follows Simon Plowright and Simon Nasht’s previous successful documentary venture “Quoll Farm” from 2021.

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