8x 30 min TV series


Agency & Production Co: Theola for Channel 9 & 9Now
Proudly brought to you by GemLife
GemLife EPs: Adrian Puljich & Gregg Piercy
Created & written by Megan Doneman & Grey Rogers
Series Director/ EP: Megan Doneman
Theola EP: Grey Rogers
Producers: Grey Rogers, Megan Doneman, Kate Ryerson
Post Production Supervisor: Vinessa Trikeriotis
DOPs: Torstein Dyrting ACS, Brendan Shambrook, Michael Crowley

Angela Cerasi colour graded AGELESS, an 8 part episodic TV series.  The series is proudly brought to viewers by GemLife from agency Theola, for the NINE network.  The series was directed and EP’d by Megan Doneman with EP Grey Rogers.

AGELESS introduces viewers to the people who know that age is irrelevant and understand when it doesn’t define who you are, life is inspiring and full of wonder. How do we become ageless? What does it even mean? Being ageless should never be about looking younger. It’s not about trying to turn back the clock. It’s about mindset. Watch as the series follows 11 Australians who are challenging the outdated norms of life after 55.   AGELESS seeks to uncover the secret to an ageless existence—beauty, relationships, fears addressed, dreams realised.

Theola’s long partnership with their client GemLife and the show highlights their dedication to producing content that resonates deeply with audiences. By delving into the heart of the communities that people aspire to be part of, Theola are crafting narratives that inspire, connect, and celebrate the beauty of life beyond 50.

Peachy loved grading this vibrant and bold series and we adored the inspiring, incredible stories of the 55+ year old Australians featured.  The show truly proves that age is just a number and a state of mind.

AGELESS is currently airing on Channel 9 on Saturdays at 1pm or Monday’s on 9Gem at 11:30am.  You can also watch any time on 9Now.

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