4 part docuseries


Director: Enzo Tedeschi
Production Company: Founder Films
EP: Luke Anear
Producers: Enzo Tedeschi, Diana Fisk, Matthew Jeppsen
DOP: Matthew Jeppsen
Colour Grade: Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour
Post Production: ZIGZAG Post
Post Producer/ Online: Rob Sarroff

Angela Cerasi colour graded this four-part docuseries for Peachy Keen Colour.  The documentary series features insightful profiles of the entrepreneurial Founders of Australian tech startup companies including Canva, Finder, Brighte and SafetyCulture.

Featuring Canva’s Melanie Perkins, SafetyCulture’s Luke Anear, Brighte’s Katherine McConnell and Finder’s Fred Schebesta.  This diverse group of entrepreneurs proves that there’s no single formula for success or a perfect template for a founder.

Viewers will get behind-the-scenes access to the deep uncertainty, doubt, and struggle these founders face as they try to create something from nothing but one big idea. Their eventual market dominance was not easily won.  Each faced immeasurable personal and financial sacrifice and a fair share of doubt along the way. The series dares to answer the question:

When the default outcome of a startup is failure, what does it take to not only succeed but become world leaders in their field? 

Executive Producer of the series, SafetyCulture’s CEO and Founder, Luke Anear, spearheaded the series with an aim to give insight into the unforgiving but ultimately rewarding world of startups and encourage those with a big idea to do the same.

“Founder is a pretty honest look at the determination and personal sacrifice it takes to start a company that has the potential to change the world. I hope it gives people some insight into what it takes to be a founder, and that it inspires the people who are sitting on incredible ideas to back themselves and give it a go. I’m a big believer that great ideas and incredible businesses can come from anywhere.” 

I hope that by sharing more about my journey with SafetyCulture – along with Mel, Katherine and Fred’s stories – we can encourage more people to take a chance. I know that it’s a difficult time to launch a business, but if you can build a great business in these conditions, then the chances are you’ll build something that will really stand the test of time.”

Watch in 2024 on Apple TV.  To see another docuseries colour graded by Peachy, check out the graded trailer and stills of Dawn of the Dolphins.