8x 30 Minute Documentary Series


Production Co: Endemol Shine Australia and Network Ten
Series Director: Ian Withnall
Producer: Ian Withnall
DOP: Colin Budd
Additional Camera: Ian Withnall
Colour Grade: Angela Cerasi

Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi did the colour grade on this 2014 Fire Fighter based observational documentary TV series.  The series was produced by Endemol Shine Australia in association with Network Ten.  Angela worked closely with series director/ producer Ian Withnall on the grade.  The DOP on the series was Colin Budd.

In 2009 Black Saturday became one of Australia’s darkest days. 173 people lost their lives and countless others lost their homes. Yet today bush and home fires are still an all too common occurrence.

Firies, an 8-part Fire Fighter based observational documentary series entirely funded by the Duracell brand of batteries – was created to tell the story of the most trusted men and women in Australia, Firies.  The series was set in Sydney and followed NSW Fire and Rescue Crews (AKA “firies”) as they respond to emergency calls about fires, motor vehicle accidents and general rescue work.   The series produced highly emotive and dramatic story lines mixed with the every day camaraderie centred around station life.  Director & producer Ian Withnall was part of Liverpool Firefighter D Platoon for three months.  During this time he also worked as 2nd camera on the series.

2.9 million Australians watched the show and the Duracell brand’s ‘trusted’ perception was driven forward as was awareness and superiority of the product.  The series can now be watched on YouTube.

To see another observational documentary TV series where Angela did the colour grade, check out the trailer and stills for Mt Hutt Rescue, here.