Donna Hay – Basics to Brilliance Kids

Kids cooking show 8x 25 min


Production: Winifred for Foxtel
Directors: Tim Thatcher (6 episodes) and Max Mackinnon (3 episodes)
Executive Producer: Celia Nicholas
DOP: Gilbert Farkas
Colourist: Angela Cerasi

Angela Cerasi colour graded this series Donna Hay – Basics to Brilliance Kids, featuring Australia’s leading food editor Donna Hay, teaching kids to cook.  The series was produced by Winifred (now rebranded as Austin Studio) under executive producer Celia Nichols.  The series was directed by Tim Thatcher and Max Mackinnon.

In Donna Hay – Basics to Brilliance Kids, Australia’s leading food editor and best-selling cookbook author, Donna Hay, gets brilliant again, this time just for kids.  Donna’s vibrant series focuses on fun and healthy recipes especially for children. Featuring a selection of recipes based on different themes, including ‘Movie Night’ and ‘Treasure Hunt’, filmed in different Australian locations, Donna dishes out fabulous food tips for both kids and their parents.  A cookbook with the same name was also released by Donna Hay – a major TV-tie in cookbook for the modern family who love to eat, cook, celebrate and have fun together.

The gorgeous images, captured by DOP Gilbert Farkas, were a pleasure to grade.  The colour graded imagery featured lots of blues and whites: Donna Hay’s brand colours.  All of the food shots needed to be graded to look extra delicious, fresh and appealing.  Beautiful Australian scenery also featured – including brilliant blue oceans and lush green gardens.

The series originally aired on Foxtel’s LifeStyle channel from October 2017.

To see another food focused TV series where Gilbert Farkas was the DOP and Angela Cerasi colour graded, check out the trailer and stills for Destination Flavour: China, here.  Gilbert Farkas was also nominated for an AACTA Award for Best Cinematography in Television for that series.