Air Rescue

Observational Documentary Series


Production Co: Fredbird Entertainment & Mediacom for Seven Network
Series Directors: Sally Aitken, Brad Hayward
EPs: Craig Graham & Ben Commens (Series 4)
Series Producers: Ben Commens, Sophie Johnston
Producer: Steve Geddes
Post Producer: Matt Tomaszewski
DOP: Ash Dunn

Air Rescue is an award-winning observational documentary series.  The TV series was colour graded by Angela Cerasi for the Sydney production company Fredbird.  The first series was directed by Sally Aitken in 2013.  Director Brad Hayward took over the helm for the following couple of seasons.

Air Rescue follows the high stakes work and real-life drama of the rescue crews in the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.  The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service is the oldest civilian search and rescue service in Australia.  Air Rescue offers the real-life narrative of what happens when humanity collides with the beautiful but harsh Australian landscape.  Instances of rescues in the show include a shark attack victim, fishermen stuck on rocks, kids on dirtbikes or caught in large swells, heart attack and burn victims and more.

Air Rescue won many awards, including the following:

Winner: 2014 Cristal Award
Winner: 2014 Silver Pencil Award (The One Show)
Winner: 2014 BEfest (Best Integration of Brand Storytelling)
Winner: 2014 AB+F (Advertising, Marketing & Promotion Campaign of the Year).

The colour grade was saturated and gritty, showcasing the bright yellow and red of the rescue helicopter and the blue of the rescue paramedic’s uniforms for a clean but vibrant cinematic look.

To see another award-winning factual observational documentary colour graded by Angela Cerasi, check out the stills and trailer for Playing With Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story, here.  Air Rescue season 1 director Sally Aitken also directed this documentary.