Brand Campaign – Lottery



Agency/ Production: Theola
Director: Grey Rogers
Producer: Anna Wareham
Senior Graphic Designer: Emma Sprouster
DOP: Brendan Williams ACS
Editor: Steve Thomas

Peachy Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi created a strong warm and bold colour grade for this Living Gems commercial.  The TV show “The White Lotus” was used as colour inspiration.   The vibe is natural, monotone, desaturated with green undertones for the beginning and then golden, sunlit, warm, cinematic vibes for the transition at the end.  Colour was used to great effect to enhance the story of living out your golden years at a retirement lifestyle resort.

This campaign was created by Agency/ production house Theola, directed by Grey Rogers.

Living Gems was established to be an affordable alternative to retiredment living – resort-style living featuring affordable, quality homes and fantastic facilities.  Theola was engaged to evolve and differentiate the Living Gems brand to be differentiated from the now oversaturated ‘over 50s resort provider’ landscape.

The aim was to demonstrate that Living Gems provides a more enjoyable, connected and easy life than the one the target demographic has now – using humour and relatability.  The campaign shows how Living Gems provides an alternative and afforadable alternative to retirement living for people to truly experience their ‘golden years’.  The bold and warm colour grade helped invoke a sense of “good times” nostalgia, vibrant fun and a freedom from boring chores.

Following Theola’s revitalised brand campaign, Living Gems experienced a dramatic increase in website traffic and enquiry after launch, and a corresponding increase in sales – a job well done!

You can see another Living Gems commercial “GemLife Surfing” graded by Peachy – this time by Senior Colourist Tom Meares, by clicking here.  Or to see another brand campaign colour graded by Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour, check out this advertisement for Bulla yoghurt..