“Trampoline” Music Video

Children Collide


Director: Cybele Malinowski
Creative Producer - Rae Begley
Production: Utopia Vision
DOP - William Robertson
Drone DOP - Marcus Rusbourne
DOP for TV - Tim Hillier
Editor - Bernadette Murray
Colourist - Angela Cerasi

Brisbane colourist Angela Cerasi imbued a cinematic and nostaglically stylised grade to this music video for Children Collide and their song “Trampoline”, directed by Cybele Malinowski.

Frontman and guitarist Johnny Mackay described the tune in a February 2021 Rolling Stones article as “an ode to magnetic, magical and emotionally unavailable unicorns who enter your life and bounce you into space once you form a connection.”

The music video was filmed in Bellambi, NSW, Australia and was refered to in the press release as an “avant-garde technicolour suburban dream”.