The Long Quiet

94 Minute Documentary


Production: Ludu Productions Ltd
Writer/ Director/ Producer: Lucy D'Cruz
Editor: Lucy D'Cruz
Camera: Lucy D'Cruz + Mariano Melega + David Reyes
Audio Dubbing: Paul Lane
Colourist: Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour
Motion Graphics: Amelia Cullern
Music: Nikky French

Angela Cerasi remotely colour graded this documentary The Long Quiet for producer/ director and DOP Lucy D’Cruz of Ludu Productions.

Somewhat of a “horse whisperer”, Irish-born Hugh MacDermott is no ordinary young man. Rejecting conformity and materialism, the troubled but determined 19 year old embarks on a 2 year journey alone, on horseback, across the incredible vast and varied landscapes of Argentina, in a search for something greater in life.

Struggling with his sexuality and past life events, he is spurred on by a will to suc-ceed, inspired by a string of strange coincidences linking to a beloved childhood book he read with his late brother, “Tschiffely’s Ride”, that keeps guiding him forward.

As he progresses on his journey, with his only friend – his horse Pancho – the film delves into issues of sexuality, loss and grief, while Hugh is tested to the limit against unforeseen hardships of all kinds.

With little money, and speaking little Spanish, he sleeps at the side of the road, wearing only the clothes on his back, but continues on through desperation and de-termination to make something of his life.

The physical and geographical journey acts as a metaphor for life. No matter what background anyone comes from, we all go through our own struggles. A journey of self-discovery, grief, trauma, endurance and personal growth, it is a story which everyone can relate to in one way or another, from all walks of life.

The founder of the Long Riders’ Guild (endorsed by the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles) explains the significance of the ancient art of equestrian travel, the intensity of it and the often spiritual outcome from riding such great distances, alone, in nature.

There are only a handful of long riders in every generation, and even fewer who succeed, making Hugh’s epic 2 year journey an extreme rarity.As his story unfolds, we witness the strong and magical bond between man and horse, and the transformation from boy to man.

The Long Quiet documentary premiered at the London film festival LIFF in April 2024.

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