“The Ending Goes Forever” – The Screamfeeder Story

Feature Documentary


Producer: Joe Woolley
Director, DOP & Editor: Jacob Schiotz
Colour Grade: Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour
Sound Design: Stephen Hope
Editor: Jacob Schiotz
Art Director: Jack Tierney
Trailer features the song "Darts" By Screamfeeder, from the album "Kitten Licks"

Peachy colourist Angela Cerasi leapt at the chance to colour grade this feature length documentary, “The Ending Goes Forever”, about the Brisbane band Screamfeeder, who Angela knew and loved from attending music festivals in the 90s.   The documentary was directed, shot and edited by Jacob Shiotz and produced by Joe Woolley.

The colour grade included tying together archive footage with the newly shot interviews and performance footage, while embuing a naturalistic feel that was also cinematic and moody at times with pops of brightness and colour.

From Film Freeway:

Screamfeeder burst onto the scene in 1991. They went on to burn their names into the psyche – and history books – of Australian music. By 1993 they were touring Europe and had a US deal. They were ripe for the picking, but when the major labels came calling…they said no thanks.

They became one of the most beloved local acts of the ‘90s, enjoying significant success at radio and on the festival circuit; 1996’s Kitten Licks delivered on the promise of the band’s early years, imprinting their music on a whole generation, and receiving recognition as one of the decade’s best albums.

Screamfeeder navigated the changes in the music business with good humour, gratitude and a tireless work ethic, and continue to make vital and engaging music. This is the true story of those decades – struggle and success, heartbreak and failure, intoxicating highs and crushing lows. An oral history told through interviews with fans, journalists and critics, fellow musicians, music industry figures and the band themselves, this film is a vivid and compelling journey along the road less travelled.

“The Ending Goes Forever” was filmmaker Jacob Schiotz’s debut feature documentary.  He followed the band around with a camera for almost 3 years, filming them on tour as at they wrote, rehearsed and recorded their latest album, Five Rooms.  His intention was for Screamfeeder to be so familar with him that he would capture their natural interactions and connection to each other.  Jacob said of the film:

“In the end, this film celebrates both Screamfeeder and the amazing community they built around them. Things weren’t always easy for them, but their perseverance and belief in each other has allowed them to create compelling music and indelible memories across three fruitful decades. And they continue to show that their motivation was never money or fame – it was always about making music and, more importantly, making music together.”

In 2023 the film premiererd to a sold-out crowd at the Brisbane International Film Festival.

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