Made It With My Hands

Feature Documentary


Directed / Produced - Cassie De Colling + Regina Pilawuk Wilson
Cinematographer / Sound Recordist - Cassie De Colling
Writer / Editor - Regina Pilawuk Wilson + Hannah Dougherty
Composer - Wil Hughs
Online Editor - Coline Debray
Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation
Colour graded by Tom Meares for Peachy Keen Colour

This documentary about renowned indigenous artist Regina Pilawuk Wilson was colour graded by Peachy Keen Colour.  Peachy senior colourist Tom Meares worked remotely with director Cassie De Colling to help create this beautiful work of art – collaborating between New Zealand & Canada, via Brisbane!

The film captures the significant and everyday moments of renowned indigenous artist Regina Pilawuk Wilson as she travels across the country and the globe.  The film invites viewers to sit amidst the threads of Regina’s artwork, sharing traditional knowledge and contemporary remote Indigenous culture.

Regina Pilawuk Wilson was born in the Northern Territory.  She is a Ngan’gikurrungurr woman, senior artist and the Cultural Director of Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation.  In 1973, together with her husband, Harold Wilson, Regina founded the Peppimenarti (meaning ‘large rock’) Community as a permanent settlement for the Ngan’gikurrungurr people.

The location of the community is an important dreaming site for the Ngan’gikurrungurr language group and is situated amid wetlands and floodplains at the centre of the Daly River Aboriginal Reserve, 300 kilometres southwest of Darwin. In 2003 Regina won the General Painting category of the Telstra National Indigenous and Torres-Strait Islander Award for a golden syaw (fish-net) painting.

Cassie De Colling is an award-winning director whose career spans more than a decade.  In all of her work, De Colling uses filmmaking to capture honest moments. She unpacks and celebrates the human condition through relatable struggles and perspectives.

Peachy Keen Colour has colour graded other documentaries about artists, including Martha: A Picture Story, about photographer Martha Cooper, which was graded by Angela Cerasi.