Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story

2x 65 min documentary series


Series Director: Mark Joffe
Series Producer: Ian Collie, Francine Finnane, Rob Gibson, Mark Joffe
Production Co: Easy Tiger Productions, Empress Road Productions
Post Production Co: The Post Lounge
EP: Kurt Royan, Dan Lake, Sam Neill

Lindy Chamberlain’s story has figured in Australia’s collective conscious since 1980, when a wild dog took her defenseless baby in a random horrific attack. But it quickly became much more than that. The intrigue of the mostly unknown and untamed outback, of parents – particularly mothers – not behaving to conventional expectations; ruthless media, self-serving politicians and cowboy police, and the “trial of the century” all combine to make this a universal story that still resonates today.

Colour graded by Angela Cerasi for Peachy Keen Colour.