Destination Flavour: China

10x 25 min Docuseries


Series Director: Olivia Hoopman
Series Producer: Chantell Basiacik, Olivia Hoopmann, Josh Martin
Production Co: The Precinct Studios, SBS
DOP: Gilbert Farkas
Post Production Co: The Precinct Studios
Graded by: Angela Cerasi

Gilbert Farkas was nominated for an AACTA Award for Best Cinematography in Television for this series. It was a pleasure to colour grade his images, which captured Adam Liaw discovering the vast and ancient country of China. Adam explored its history through its food whilst at the same time exploring his own family history. Congratulations to Olivia Hoopman who won the AACTA Award for Best Direction in Nonfiction Television for the series.

Post production by the Precinct Studios and colour grading completed on site from their studio in Sydney.

Angela also colour graded Destination Flavour Japan, created by Adam Liaw and Scott Tompson. Post production by Tracks Post Production, 2013.