FEATURE FILM 1hr 21min


Production: Escape Pictures & Samson Films
Director: Macdara Vallely
Producers: David Collins, Gigi Dement, R. Paul Miller
EPs: Alan Maher, Felix Werner, Kathrin Werner
Production Executive: Mary Claire White
DOP: Jarin Blaschke
Editor: Nathan Nugent

This 2013 feature film, shot on 16mm film, colour graded by Angela Cerasi at Screen Scene, Dublin, working closely with Irish director Macdara Vallely.

Set in the Bronx, New York, Babygirl is a bitter-sweet coming-of-age drama about teenager Lena who, since she can remember, has watched her mom Lucy squander her life on a series of deadbeat men.  When Victor, her mom’s latest boy toy, starts hitting on her Lena sets up an elaborate honey-trap, hoping to show her mom what a scumbag the guy really is. But the plan backfires. Trapped in a twisted love-triangle between Victor and her mom, Lena finally realises that the only way out is to stand up and finally confront some difficult home truths.

This review from The Hollywood Reporter said of the film:

“While Babygirl traffics in some overly familiar themes, its incisive characterizations, realistic dialogue and wonderfully naturalistic performances compensate for its rough-hewn aspects.

This well-drawn morality tale exerts a quiet fascination, both for the subtlety of its execution and the terrific performances from the ensemble. Despite his Irish background, director Vallely demonstrates a keen grasp of the film’s milieu, refraining from avoiding the usual clichés attendant to the gritty setting. And he’s discovered a real find in the form of young actress Ynoa, who invests her characterization with fascinating shades of gray that keep us guessing as to her feelings and motivations. Despite the occasional misstep, such as the musical montage too many, Babygirl boasts a complexity that has the feel of real life”.

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