Days Like This

Tourism Queensland


Director: Hailey Bartholomew
Production: Taxi Film Production
Creative Agency: Rumble
Post Production: Cutting Edge
DOP: Campbell Brown

Brisbane-based Senior Colourist Angela Cerasi showcased Peachy’s flexible workflow in this beautiful Tourism Queensland TVC, directed by Hailey Bartholomew.  Angela colour graded partly in-person in the Cutting Edge Brisbane post suite and partly remotely from her home studio.

Angela’s bold and warm colour grade helped show off some of Australia’s stunning scenery and weather.   Enhancing the beautiful images captured by DOP Campbell Brown illustrates the incredible diversity of destinations and experiences that truly set Queensland apart as a place to travel for good.  With Angela’s colour grade, vibrant blue oceans pop while skintones glow in the warm yellow and orange toned sunsets.

The Tourism Queensland TVC  focuses on holiday moments that are joyful, boost wellbeing, drive emotional connections to people and places, and celebrate the simple pleasures in life.

The Days Like This campaign highlights experiences like a young child seeing a Maori Wrasse for the first time, to learning about Indigenous culture, competing in your first triathlon, rafting down rapids, revelling in our vibrant cities or relaxing in a bore-fed bath in the heart of the outback.

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) partnered with Rumble and Taxi Film Production to create this TVC.  Cutting Edge supplied Post Production.   The aim of the advertising campaign was to encourage more Queenslanders to support the tourism industry and its workers as part of the continued rollout of Queensland’s plan for economic recovery from COVID-19.

The ‘Days Like This’ TVC features Van Morrison’s song of the same name, which was re-recorded and given a distinctly Queensland feel by local musicians Tia Gostelow and Busby Marou.

Check out another commercial directed by Hailey Bartholomew and colour graded by Colourist Angela Cerasi here for Mater Mothers.