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Our ethos is to work hard, delight, and inspire others.

Founded by senior colourist, Angela Cerasi, Peachy Keen Colour connects diverse Australian colourists with content creators all over the world.  We connect through our love of storytelling, our obsession for an easy and stream-lined process and new, innovative technology.

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Production and post-production houses
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What We Do

We provide high-quality colour grading services and mentor the next generation of colourists.

Angela Cerasi is one of those rare talents who truly loves what she does, and it shows.  She treats every frame, every detail, every colour with the kind of sensitivity and class that helped take our original series for Netflix further that we could have imagined.  Angela is exactly what every director dreams for in a colourist and in our opinion it would be difficult to find a more dedicated, talented person to hand your precious pictures too.  Artistry aside, Ange is an absolute pleasure to work with.  Her workflow is seamless and she delivers on time, on budget, every time.  Don’t let her speed and efficiency fool you - her work is first-class.  She’s the skin-tone queen driven by an endless pursuit of perfection and a true collaborator.  We know great colourists … but then, we met Angela.  It will be our privilege to work with her again.

Tim Noonan & PJ Madam, Director/Producer, Wildman Films

Angela has blown my mind.  I've seen a lot of grades in my time but Angela took things to the next level.  Even with the most undesirable of shots her grades where always beautifully classy and emotional moving in ways I can't explain.  Not only that, a pleasure to work with - an all do attitude that just gets the job done, with outstanding results.

Chris Beeson, Editor

Angela recently colour graded my feature film, Emu Runner.  I found her ability to enhance and map the shifts of time and place through the colour palette remarkable to watch.  While Angela has a subtle touch and an eye for detail she also has a strong awareness of the dramatic arcs and the larger story that is being told and how that translates into the colour palette.  She uses her time extremely efficiently and brings a friendly and easy-going atmosphere to the workplace.  I would recommend her highly and look forward to collaborating with her on future projects.

Imogen Thomas, Director

Angela was the colourist on the digital series which I DOPed, 'Patricia Moore'.  In our first prep meeting, I felt we connected on a visual level as we discussed references and visual motifs.  Throughout the entire 10 day grade Angela brought an emotional understanding to the grade, which I find very important working in drama as well as a natural talent for consistency and finding interesting looks which were tonally suitable.  I would highly recommend working with Angela.

Tania Lambert ACS, Cinematographer