2020 is shaping up to be a crazy whirlwind.. a year like no other in living memory!  This is besides the fact that it is Peachy’s first year in business, which was always going to be a wild ride anyway.  It feels like so long ago we were witnessing the Australian bushfires, followed quickly by a global pandemic.  We hope everyone is ok, and is finding their feet in our new normal (already cringe at that phrase!)


Our plans have changed, just like everybody else’s, so we have taken some time to re-group.  A halt to production has hit our industry hard.


There are new and exciting things in store for Peachy, and they busily being brewed in the background as we navigate this new world.


In the meantime our founder Angela Cerasi has put together a brand new podcast, aimed at the listening ears of producers and directors.


THE ART OF COLOUR GRADING PODCAST is for filmmakers who are passionate about storytelling but often feel bamboozled by the tech. Join senior colourist Angela Cerasi as she shares insights and anecdotes about the artistry of her craft and unpacks how colour grading can transform your work. 


It launched today – 21 July 2020!  The first three episodes are now live.  You can listen to it here: