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The Art of Colour Grading Podcast – full list of episodes here!


Episode #1 // Introduction

Talking her way into a Film and TV degree, finding her way on to random film sets and camera assisting on multi-million dollar shoots is where it all began. Senior colourist Angela Cerasi explains why the weather is to blame for her switch from cinematography to colour grading, and how zig zagging through life can build a wonderful career.


Episode #2  // The “Filmic Look”

One of the most common creative briefs a colourist will receive is to make the show look “filmic”. In this episode senior colourist Angela Cerasi unpacks what that actually means, and explores how and why giving a project a “filmic look” can add greater meaning to your story.


Episode #3 // Colour Grading Documentary

“Make it look natural” is what we have traditionally heard during the creative brief for a documentary grade, but what does this actually mean and is there a better way? Senior colourist Angela Cerasi explores how images can have deeper meaning whilst still “looking natural” and explores new visual trends in this space.


Episode #4 // Creative Briefs

How do you give an awesome creative brief to a colourist? Senior colourist Angela Cerasi shares her top five tips for giving a creative brief and explains how this is fundamental to getting the best result out of your colour grade.


Episode #5 // LUTs Demystified

As a filmmaker working today, you will no doubt hear a cinematographer, DIT and/or a colourist talk about LUTs. So what even is a LUT and what do you need to know? In this fun episode, senior colourist Angela Cerasi breaks it down for you so that next time you hear about them you can participate confidently in the conversation.


Episode #6 // The Colour Blue

Senior colourist Angela Cerasi explores the meaning behind the colour blue and how its various shades, hues and tones are used in visual language to subliminally layer a story and add greater depth to a film.


Episode #7 // Being Creative

How do I know when my work is finished? Why do I have imposter syndrome and self doubt? How do I stop procrastinating? Everyone from directors to editors to colourists deal with the wild ride of being creative and working in a creative industry. Senior colourist Angela Cerasi breaks it all down in this episode.


Episode #8 // HDR Demystified

HDR is a superior picture format which now comes as standard in most modern TV’s and devices. It is also becoming a required deliverable that filmmakers need to provide streaming platforms. So what are the basics that you need to know? And how can finishing in HDR be used to enhance your story? Senior colourist Angela Cerasi demystifies it for you – minus the techy talk.


Episode #9 // Light and Darkness

In life and in art, light and darkness can be representative of good and evil, hope and fear.  But what else can it symbolise? How can light and darkness be used as a visual motif and how can it be used in the colour grade to add deeper meaning to your imagery? Senior colourist Angela Cerasi breaks it all down in this episode.


Episode #10 // Colour Grading Commercials

In the final episode of the season, senior colourist Angela Cerasi explores the ways in which grading commercials is unique from drama and documentary. She explains how colour work for motion picture is different to print advertisements and touches on colour perception.