‘Wasteland’ short music film (4 mins) is written and directed by the incomparable Sinead McDevitt for Mick Flannery and starring Steve Wall.

Cinematography by Ash Baron ACS and colour graded remotely by Angela Cerasi.

It is about an everyday man who comes face-to-face with his shadow for the first time.  I love how Sinead shares these details about the filmmaking process:

When I first listened to the song it hit me like a tonne of bricks.  The narrative started playing out in my head while I scribbled notes and frames.
As with all of Mick’s songs, Wasteland moves slowly and deeply through the veins, unrelenting in its mission to bypass the rational brain and speak straight to the unconscious mind.
The mind that hides our human fears, vulnerabilities and injuries – the stuff we usually wanna run away from truth be told.
For me, the song encourages us to stop running for once and listen to what it has to say.
My hope for our film is that it succeeds in doing so – and in the process, lights a little spark.
Just a wee reminder that underneath our self-sabotaging human behaviours lies the simple truth that we’re all worthy of love, maybe even the hidden bits the most”.