BEFORE and AFTER grade example – The Garvan Institute

This is a 2 minute advertising content video created for The Garvan Institute.   The producer was Tom Slater at Playtime and the director was Stef Smith.  Clients were in Sydney and the grade was carried out remotely in Peachy Keen Colour’s Brisbane studio.  This BEFORE and AFTER video shows an example of what can be achieved in the grade.  Each shot is in its original state and then it wipes to the graded image.

The brief for this grade was to make each shot flow to the next, to make it match and cohesive as a video as it is edited from various sources.  The video was to look bright and vibrant, the medical environments were to look clean without looking too clinical.  The branding colours were a lilac and yellow.

Getting accurate skin tones is very important and will help create a beautiful and filmic look.  Often video can make skin tones too red so we have desaturated and twisted the hue to get the skin tones looking more natural.  The archival scientific material was not played around with too much – sometimes images are best left in their natural form as long as it is even from one shot to the next.  Part of an artist’s skill is knowing when something should be left alone or touched very lightly.