Peachy relaunches with new 4-step Peachy Process!


Over the past 18 months since Peachy was founded, we learnt what worked and what didn’t. We decided to take what worked really well and niche down. We simplified and refined processes, created pricing packages.

From now on, Peachy Keen Colour will focus on transforming your advertising and branded content with expert colour grading, in four delightfully simple steps. (Note – our founder and senior colourist Angela Cerasi will still take on long form jobs in a personal capacity, see for details.)

As we have always been and will continue to be a completely remote studio, we look forward to working with talented, passionate staff who are based in far corners of Australia.  We are proud of the fact we mentor junior colourists, share our knowledge and give opportunities to young Australian Film and Television professionals.  We continue to look forward to working with clients who are based all over Australia and the world, with our flexible and stream-lined service.

Peachy’s objective is to make the colour grading process as simple, de-mystified and efficient for clients as possible. We will do this by allowing you to easily view work that is relevant to you via sorting by “feels” or visual looks. We will be transparent about our value by listing our service offerings and their inclusions. Three packages with three prices.

The creation of great advertising and branded content can be tough.  By the time you get through production and the edit, brain and body want a day off!  This is why we pioneered the new 4-step Peachy Process™; a simple, modern grading alternative to the complex, traditional approach. Woohoo! It’s now the delightful bit where the process is so easy and you get to see your work transformed in the most magical way! Discover the process here.