There she goes now.. the launch of Peachy Keen Colour!


I am Angela Cerasi and I am the creator of Peachy Keen Colour.  Welcome to my new creative business.  This company is an evolution of my sole trader business which I ran successfully for seven years in Sydney, Australia (before that I worked full time in a post-production house in Dublin, Ireland).  After recently moving back to my hometown of Brisbane, investing in my own colour grading suite and grading remotely with a lot of old and new clients, all of the dots for Peachy Keen starting connecting together.

I have lots of hopes and ideas for the business and I look forward to diving in.  I know it will be a steep learning curve, but I’m ready!!!!  I’m ready to mentor and teach emerging colourists and share my knowledge.  To create a warm and super awesome collective who all love colour and imagery and filmmakers as much as I do.  Bringing together the inspiring screen community we have in Australia, whether they’re burrowed away in the remotest part of the country or burrowed away in one of our coastal cities.  Connecting people and helping to bounce our talent out in to the world.

Peachy Keen Colour launched this week and it’s not perfect. I could have written more copy for the website, had some stationery printed and had all of the processes in my brain logged already.  But I refuse to let perfection hold me back. I gave up on perfection about two years ago (you can read more about that here if you like) and now I feel that done is better than perfect.  We can tweak stuff along the way.  Change, merge, scrap, improve… this business is a new creation that I hope will be ever-evolving.  I named this new creation, Peachy Keen Colour.  Have a look around the website and say hello.  I look forward to seeing what we can all do together!

Peach Out